On Friday, December 2nd, KY NSF EPSCoR hosted its first Industrial Advisory Board meeting. This meeting introduced our research to industrial leaders across the commonwealth and beyond, with the hopes of applying our research to real-world industrial products and methods. Our researchers also hope to glean industrial knowledge from the advisory board, as well as practical, economic best practices.  The meeting in its entirety is shown below. 

The Industrial Advisory Board is comprised of:  

Dr. Jay Hoying, Chief Scientist, Chief Scientist, ASI Life Sciences

Hakim Sultanov, GEAppliances, Principal Robotics Engineer

Madhav Patil, PhD, Principal Engineer – Robotics, Material Handling Systems

Andy Kurk, ProgramManager, TechShot. Inc, Space Technologies Research

David Kennedy, BS, ME, VP of Product management at Lifelines Neuro, LLC

Russell Sells II, Bluegrass Tool and Industrial LLC

Randy Bumgardner, Manufacturing Engineering Manager at Regal Power Transmission Solutions

Vijay Kamineni, Chief Innovation & Technology Leader, Logan Aluminum Inc. 

Chris Conrardy, CEO , Acoustech Systems LLC

Layne Ellen Harris, Nutrigenomics Research Technician, Alltech

Vidya Ravichandran, President and Founder, GlowTouch Technologies