Transylvania, Schnitzenbaumer, Advancing Nanocrystals for Device Engineering, Enhancing Science in Community

As Kentucky NSF EPSCoR research pushes the boundaries of advanced manufacturing in the Commonwealth and beyond, it’s vital that the materials used to create sensors and electronic components are flexible, cost-effective, and more sustainable. Dr. Kyle Schnitzenbaumer, chemistry professor at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky, is working on materials that do just that. His research centers on understanding the structure-property relationships of colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals. A recipient of one of Kentucky NSF EPSCoR’s annual research awards, Dr. Schitzenbaumer’s project has two facets – one is committed to advancing nanocrystal research for the benefit of device engineering and manufacturing –the other is committed to enhancing the scientific literacy of the Lexington community.


Please check out the video to learn more about Schitzenbaumer’s research and vision for a more literate scientific community.