Track-2 Solicitation is now available

NSF EPSCoR’s Track-2 Solicitation was just released!  The required theme of these proposals is, “Advancing climate change research and resilience capacity to expand opportunities for disproportionately affected communities.

Every institution in Kentucky can lead one proposal submission to this program and furthermore, every institution can be a collaborative partner on additional proposals that are led by an institution in another EPSCoR state.

Participants: please check with your institutions’ sponsored research offices to see if they are running an internal competition to choose which proposal will be the lead at your institution, and which other proposals will be collaborative-partner submissions. 

Please contact information about how the program works.  The NSF’s solicitation for this program (22-523) can be found here:

University of Kentucky Submission Information:

Internal Competition: To participate in the university’s selection process, please upload the following, assembled into a single PDF file, to the Office of the Vice President for Research via this portal with a copy to your Associate Dean for Research by November 30, 2022:

  1. Names and departments or affiliations of the Project Director and other key personnel or partners Title of program, funding opportunity announcement number
  2. Brief project description, including indication of collaborating jurisdictions (2 pages maximum)
  3. Brief biographical sketch of the PD/PI

A committee will be convened to review the material and make a recommendation.

For questions or issues with submission through the portal, email the limited submission mailbox (, or call 257-2861.

Western Kentucky Submission Information: