danville high school a gleaming example of eoc in action

Below are student projects created by Danville High School students this year in their Intro to 3D printing class, led by engineering teacher Caleb Wetmore.

Says Caleb, “The class was composed of 17 students in 9-12 grade… We primarily used Onshape for CAD, but a few students used Inventor or Fusion. The class closely followed DPT 100 as I went through it in the fall, and I incorporated a few of the DPT150 lessons in the
Spring. I am looking forward to including the generative, and lattice meshing concepts of DPT 150 next year…
both courses were exceptional and key to the success of my class.”

The courses he mentioned were developed by the Additive Manufacturing Labs at Somerset Community College, funded by KY NSF EPSCoR, led by Eric Wooldridge. Additional support was provided by the KSTC: Advance Kentucky curriculum. We are pleased to see the ripple effects of EOC funding at work!