Research Instrumentation and Equipment, or RIE, grants funding for research instrumentation at the regional comprehensive colleges and universities in Kentucky.  Apply as an individual or an institution.

upgrade your equipment.
be state-of-the-art.

Up to $100,000*

for research applications; not teaching

Future NSF proposal required

RIE is intended to provide instrumentation and equipment at the regional comprehensive institutions in Kentucky to enable future research applications to NSF; the acquired instruments should not be for instructional or teaching use.

Submission of a future research proposal application to the National Science Foundation is an obligation of all RIE awardees; including at least one application from every involved institution on the RIE application.

University of Kentucky and University of Louisville faculty cannot apply.

Applications to all EPSCoR programs can include requests for federally-negotiated institutional F&A/indirect costs. Maximum budget request amounts indicated apply to direct costs. F&A costs can be added to these direct cost maximums.  Maximum RIE direct costs are $75,000 for a submission from a single institution, and up to $100,000 if more than one institution is collaborating on the RIE submission.

No institutional cost sharing is required for RIE applications, that is, KY NSF EPSCoR will fund 100% of the instrumentation acquisition costs up to the program limits, but a long-term plan for maintenance and supporting associated consumables (if applicable) for the instrument beyond the life of the KY NSF EPSCoR RIE award period should be included within the project description of the RIE proposal application.  

All KY NSF EPSCoR awardees and funded participants are obligated to complete a Seed Funding Annual Awards Outcomes Report available on our website http://kynsfepscor.uky.edu/reporting/