University of Louisville

September 16, 2022, 9:00am

Speaker 1 – Dr. Shamus McNamara – Fiber Optic Powered Sensor Array for Skin-Like Sensing

Speaker 2 –Dr. Sabur Baidya – Edge-assisted Collaborative Digital Twin for Safety-Critical Robotics

Speaker 3 – Dr. Mark Running – Conducting Biomaterials from Plants

Speaker 4 – Dr. Tommy Roussel, Rockin’ Rehab: Development of a Custom, Sensorized Rocking Chair for Pediatric SCI Patients

What is a nanoCollider?

nanoColliders are seasonal virtual meetings that provide progress reports on strategic goals and other relevant updates of interest from each KAMPERS institution.

KY NSF EPSCoR nanoColliders allow for participants to more broadly identify opportunities to enhance existing cross-institutional collaborations or establish new connections for potential partnerships.

Previous nanoColliders

What happens at a nanoCollider?

1) Increased information flow regarding research thrusts, broader impacts, education/training of students, and strategic plan alignment.

2) Promotion and support for each institution’s contribution to KY NSF EPSCoR’s KAMPERS project and strategic plan.

3) Celebration and sharing of best practices from existing cross-institutional collaborations, and promotion of future collaboration opportunities.

4) Addresses feedback from participants and NSF recommending increased efforts to promote opportunities, strategic updates, and best practices from KAMPERS’s non-lead institutions in advance of the Reverse Site Visit in April 2021.

For nanoCollider Organizers