morehead state’s dr. ray utilizes wind tunnel to mitigate damage, harvest energy

Dr. Tathagata Ray, Assistant Professor of Construction and Civil Engineering Technology at Morehead State University, has utilized KY NSF EPSCoR Research Award funds to procure a wind tunnel. Dr. Ray and his crew have built models and tested a control system successfully in the lab for the purpose of reducing building roof damage. The award is titled, “Harvesting energy and mitigating roof damage from wind-induced bending.”

This fall, undergraduate students will help Dr. Ray test whether this same control system can harvest piezoelectric energy from wind.

Dr. Ray joined Morehead State University as an assistant professor in Fall 2022. He teaches construction and civil engineering fundamentals and design-related courses using state-of-the-art software tools and laboratories. His research interest includes designing buildings that can withstand extreme earthquakes and windstorms. He has published articles in mainstream journals.”