Rosemary fama featured in international women’s day webinar

On March 8th, KY NSF EPSCoR’s own Rosemary Fama was part of an international webinar hosted by Million Women Mentors, of which Fama serves as a state leader in Kentucky. According to their website, “Million Women Mentors is the premier network dedicated to encouraging girls and women around the world to pursue, persist and succeed in STEM careers.”

In celebration of International Women’s Day, this webinar gave a snapshot of powerful women’s STEM initiatives and accomplishments across the globe, with a lineup of several speakers over the hour-long webinar. The theme: How Million Women Mentors is Advancing & Embracing Equity Around the World. 

“Today, we’re not going to focus on what’s broken, we’re going to work on what’s working,” says moderator Sheila Boyington,  President of Thinking Media, a Chattanooga-based educational technology firm for the past 21 years.

The webinar featured a lineup of leaders from the following organizations:

  • Women Business Collaborative (WBC)
  • PepsiCo
  • P&G Pakistan
  • Diversified Search/ MWM Women in Insurance Initiative
  • Million Women Mentors Turkey/ Turkish Women’s International Network
  • MWM State Leaders

Fama’s three-minute pitch, as you can watch below, encouraged the leaders to take a STEM mentoring style survey called What Type of STEM Mentor Are You? Created by Million Women Mentors Kentucky and Fama, this survey was developed in partnership between KY NSF EPSCoR and Million Women Mentors Kentucky and is based on work published in “Workplace Mentoring in STEM: A Guide to Developing Formal Mentoring Programs” (December 2021) by STEMConnector and Million Women Mentors. 

You are encouraged to take the quiz yourself: 

What Type of STEM Mentor Are You? 

Congratulations to Rosemary Fama! You can watch the Entire International Women’s Day Webinar here.